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Pure simplicity


Our System

Charles J Harrison inventory service is about delivering precisely what you need, when you need it. We believe this to be possible through expertise, service dedication and digital innovation.

Saving time, keep costs low

The benefit of digital independent inventories is that they only need to be compiled from scratch once. Because they are stored for life on the system, our inventory clerks simply update them for each Inspection. This saves time and money, and of course paperless digital management ticks the environmental responsibility box.

Charles J Harrison’s digital system allows you secure access to your inventory and all our reports anytime. And there are so many more benefits and time-saving features included too.

We are a UK inventory service you can rely on.

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Would the following benefit you:

  • Paperless reports sent via the cloud allowing tenants a set time to comment - ✔

  • All reports delivered at the end of the process to the client via PDF - ✔

  • Final report delivered to both the tenant and the landlord - ✔

  • Reports stored online for easy download 24/7 - ✔

  • Morning reminder of any booked appointments that you have with us - ✔

Our system and service has been carefully considered and put in place to make your life easier so that we can get on with what we are good at and allow you to focus your time on what you do best.

Give us a call today because there is a lot more that we offer which we would love to discuss.

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