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Legionella is a type of bacterium found in water, which can cause a pneumonia-type disease called Legionnaire’s disease. Legionella is found naturally in freshwater, but can contaminate water systems (water tanks and hot tubs, for example) and then cause illness if people breathe in contaminated air.

Landlords are responsible for keeping their properties safe and free from health hazards, and when it comes to legionella, this means assessing the risks and taking measures to control them if necessary.

In most houses and flats, the risk of legionella contamination is relatively low, but it’s a good idea to have a legionella risk assessment to make sure you’ve identified any areas of concern.

Our report includes

  • Information on how to reduce the risk

  • Temperatures will be taken of all water outlets

  • The property will be checked to see if there is a cold water storage tank

  • Photography of all outlets and cold water storage tanks


The finished report will be provided via our cloud portal and also sent via email.

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