We don’t believe that technology can yet prepare an adequate fully detailed document, therefore, we shy away from tablet based report production and feel that a good report can only be achieved by full dictation, followed by the quality finish that a professional typist produces.
However, that is where tradition ends and technology begins. Our software allows us to dictate and photograph a property, then immediately upload this information to the cloud where the document is automatically formatted and delivered to one of our back office staff. The report is then typed and delivered electronically.

Cloud diary system

All our clients are given access to our cloud diary system where they can book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, safe in the knowledge that an appointment will not be overlooked or forgotten.
All reports are delivered straight into their inbox or, alternatively, can be downloaded via the system.

Paperless delivery system

Our optional paperless delivery system sends the inventory report to the tenant via email and text message at the start of their tenancy. The system then allows an agreed time period where the tenant can make any relevant observations. The system then places the tenants comments within the document followed by a date stamp, thus, eliminating any question over whether the tenant received their inventory. Added benefits of the system are the obvious savings on both printing and paper.
If you would like to know more along with pricing and samples then please contact us.